FOCUS:High Risk, Minority, Rural and Academically CCMR (College, Career & Military Readiness) challenged students are the primary customers for the ACCESS program designed for students to get real world connection to their intrinsic interest by:

Answering the “WHY”:ACCESS program connects and supports student's research interest to immerse in the career opportunities in their local communities and understand "WHY" they study math, chemistry, physics or biology in the classroom. ACCESS creates systemic and continuous opportunities for each student to gain confidence and move forward with increasing clarity and purpose from 6th grade to be a focused freshman in college.

Strengthening Essential Career Skills:ACCESS program reinforces and strengthens critical 21st Century career skills essential for professional success including Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Relationship, Trust and Resiliency. These foundational skills also allow each student to gain from paying attention in the classroom and learning from real world professionals. A self-motivated student with increasing clarity will take the most meaningful pathway to the career of their choice.

Community Effort Alignment: ACCESS is a true community engagement and alignment platform that connects the school district to the local college, chamber of commerce and health system careers to deliver a true student centric education environment establishing a sustainable foundational model to develop, strengthen and support local workforce development, creating that warm, supporting pathway for every student in that County.

Pilot Program: ACCESS has been launched as a pilot program at Ector County ISD (Odessa, TX) with on October 1st, 2018 with a target group of 1500 Middle School students. By the end of the pilot program period of 12 months, 5,263 students logged in 25,057 times, posted 3,124 questions to which 140 local career experts answered while students explored ACCESS (page views) 720,162 .

2020-21 School Year: ACCESS is available for 65,000 students in six school districts located in Ector, Midland Counties in Texas and Lea County in New Mexico. Through the COVID environment, usage jumped to 8,144 students logged in, increasing questions posted to 5,701 with 1,410,463 pageviews. ACCESS has the privilege of partnering with three community colleges, four health systems and four chamber of commerce organizations in the Permian Basin region. ACCESS has been endorsed by the Federal Reserve of Dallas & El Paso as a local workforce development initiative. ACCESS strategic plan is to expand services to El Paso, San Antonio and Dallas.


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